The Universe Isn't As Scary As I Thought It Was, And I Guess I'm Okay With That

by American Haiku

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The album that fate itself couldn't destroy.


released August 29, 2015

recorded and mixed meticulously by Todd Wilcox at Halogen Sound Studios, mastered by Kim Rosen at Knack Mastering.
On this recording, American Haiku is:
Rio Juniper Wolf- vocals, guitar, keys
Joe Linden- drums
Siena Friend- bass
Guest vocals on Corporeal Patronus by Madison "Medicine Man" Marquer
Album Art Provided By Allison Sheldon
Special thanks to John from Tubular Amps for lending us some gear!



all rights reserved


American Haiku Denver, Colorado


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Track Name: Sweater Rabbits
I walked to the edge
And all I saw was a million miles beneath my head.
I took a step
Scraping along the sky, my dreams were all dead.
All roads point towards home
That's what it does, when I was little
Or so I've been told.
I walked to the edge
And fear painted my thoughts the brightest bright red
I turned and left
But I couldn't remember all the things I thought I had said.
Sometimes it's weird to think about
How were all made of the same stuff
As the stars in the sky
Everyone you ever loved and everything around you
Everything you've ever seen
It's all just chemical symmetry
Or stardust shapes in between
Coming around common ground
I had a blue haired, blue girlfriend, yeah.
She had big dreams and big plans yeah
And they don't never slow down not for anyone
We'll take lay lines all across the world, yeah.
When everything you love turns away
Turns to grey
When everything you knew slipped away
We're bringing the dream back to life.
Track Name: May You Oscilate Forever, Hallelujah!
I said I will take time, it will make things get clearer when I see her.
Inverted cross looks real nice, sticking out through spring ice.
I see a tree made of lights, even the devil says
"That shit looks tight".
There hiding and we're sorry, I thought this was string theory.
The message is a warning, calling out for a better story.
Five pointed star, you are true. Space is made of you.
With both hands clasped so tight,
spinning out like white light in to black night.
The true names of wind and rain are lost to far to explain
And my hand expand, growing trees from cold land.
Inverted cross looks way tight spinning across black sky,
And the stars all alight.
Even the devil says,
"It's gonna be fine."
Track Name: The Seven Year Tailspin
Lost in the clouds
Safe and sound
Please, plane, bring me back home
To the place that I came here from
I lost the meaning of life
I can't seem to see it from this high!
I lost the will to keep the fear
Replace the star stuff that keeps me clear.
I will try one more time
Making lines and taking pills on high.
I found my home in the clouds,
It's weird that you can see it from the ground.
I lost the will to keep the fear.
Maybe it's you that made me wanna stay
We have to incorporate leylines in brilliant shades
To all our maps, replace the shapes
Bring me home hallelujah!
Laying in wait for an impossible possibly
I don't dare to open my eyes and to peek
At brand new maps of places that I've been,
At old dreams dying again and again.
So I cry and I call true name to the stars,
But again I am lost in heavens spiral arc
I know for a fact the devil ain't true.
I don't care about space, or satan.
All I cared about was you.
Track Name: Casting Spells Like Kickflips
Light as a feather, stiff as a board.
Light from far away reached me today.
But I'm not the same, the sky is still grey
I don't know where I'm from but I know where I belong.
The space we take is full on erasing our unsuspecting hands.
The fourth demention is full of unfolding
I never would have guessed.
It moves my hands, spelling out names of our ghost's dark blue flames.
The old Chiefs feather spins.
"Will reclaim promised land."
Track Name: Where Were You For Snownami '94?
Am I the only one you told about the pages that you folded the edge?
I reread them again.
Is there time to go outside? I just wanna see the sky one more time.
Chemical lines on high.
Because it's in your head, and it's in mine too.
Because this dust does not make sense, the ghost is painted blue.
The white light is nice, living in digital ice crystal caves
They took me away.
As I unfold this page, the way it was arranged was unclear.
Released into the air.
"You are the mittens on my hands,
keeping me warm, but it's hard to write.
Like a refrain, it sings don't speak."
Am I even making sense?
How should I know what happens in my brain,
What makes me this way?
Do we have time to go outside?
Cause when you think about it, we probably should have died.
So remember next time, keep it in mind!
Because it's in my head, and it's in yours to.
Blue ghost don't take offense, He's got it come too.
It's been spitting cosmic speak for about a week on end.
My radios gone dead.
So I fold up this page.
Maybe I was just too afraid of what it could say.
"You are the wind and the scent of leaves,
keeping me up on summer nights."
Track Name: Resplendent Moon Hats
i am cold, i've grown older than the forms of words
casting off like ample nets to pull me underneath the earth
the darkness swims across my vision, tugs me back into
unfair, untrue
outer space is my true place, glowing from the haze.
time, it twists in an odd fashion, flowing through me now
and i see exits and all my friends are growing scary wow
well my mistake, ill make it great and full of light and hold our weight
but i'm still cold and getting old seems boring now...
the science we wait for is never gonna happen
at this speed, on this earth
and thats why were mapping
through layers of lazers my mind has set a trap and
we hope that we wake up 2067
burning lines trailing from behind, unimportant now.
fucked up fate, you will erase us behind the clouds
id like to hope but i think its true that i probably only remember you
in a halfway way, that makes you way more real somehow.
imm still cold but ive gotten oh so used to it now.
flames in palms, my calm is gone, yeah its over wow
unafraid of what you'd say, that i look dead or i'm made of clay
but what if i said maybe im not just in the way
im in space, and its big.
Track Name: Corporeal Patronus
we don't mind that no one cares.
salty air takes me back there, you're breathing it out of your nose.
i do not care, you can not hear, probably talking in codes unknown
but its not like things are clear
i just everything at once
and everything that makes up me in the deafening silence
in the stratosphere where the oxygen is clear,
i evaluate my future
salty air takes me back there
and i see everything at once
but my eyes just close, i do not care as i am swallowed by the supernova.
Track Name: Dust
thanks for giving up on me, thanks for turning out the light
and also thanks for taking me along for the ride.
i'm close enough now i can find my way home this is fine,
i just don't wanna have to look you dead in the eyes.
i started to feel all alone in my head and i knew
the plans i had made would never come true
did you take off the ring? are you wearing it now?
all my friends keep trying to talk me down
but ive given up, and in
im scared and im all alone but i know now
ive given up, and in
i dont know whats going on but i know now ive given up
thanks for bringing me up before you et me go
and thanks for being the only love that ill ever know
thanks for breaking my heart, thanks for letting it slide.
thanks for fucking nothing now dont forget to write.
like space is big and means nothing
did it mean anything when you whispered ay night,
"i love you."?
Track Name: An American Haiku
i say a seance and taking time
almost enough to keep me alive
without the swell of the breaking waves i lost everything i knew today
i woke with snow covering my face
i could see light thruogh the fractions of space
between the smallest gaps in the biggest flakes
reminds me of the night sky through a chemical haze
and i turned around my heard, and i heard a big sound
and the sky opened up, and it spun all around
leaking white light from my bones and the size of everything started to change. i gave the starts new names,
i said a seance and breaking time
just enough to ease my mind
before the start of another day
somethimes you need it just to stay awake
this might just break
casting spells sounding more like a fucking wish
some times it sounds like this:
said i will take time, it will make...
light as a feather, stiff as a board...
you got it all wrong...
the dream inside my head
i had to keep alive
im breaking down again
but at least i can say i tried
the dream is dead again.
dont care at all
i am dead again.
i dont wonder why.